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The process of acquiring a job now a day puts tremendous pressure on the youth, especially in the IT sector. The students usually aim to get placed before they finish their graduation through campus placements. But for those who missed that opportunity, have a chance of undergoing the process of staffing operations and can get help from IT Staffing Company Delhi. The two major components of Information Technology (IT) sector are IT Services and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). The life of an IT specialist is never consistent. There are works like collecting data, manipulating and saving it. The IT people must obtain the products and solutions to achieve the goals and the company’s entire infrastructure depends on these people’s capability to keep it safe and secured.

Staffing solutions: The employers make a deal with the Staffing agencies whenever they have an open position but cannot afford the time or resources to recruit their employees. These agencies help in connecting the employers with the employees. The employers approach different Staffing agencies to fill a work like day-labor, administrative, etc. To satisfy various types of work, an employer may work with one or multiple staffing companies depending on the various requirement needs of the employer. On the similar basis when the individual gets himself enrolled in such staffing company they would allocate the individual to such a job that satisfies the requirement of the employer according to his eligibility.

The staffing companies do not offer same opportunities and do it depending on the different needs asked by the employers depending on the positions they need to fill. The staffing agencies offer three major types of jobs:

  1. Temporary: In this category, the employee on beforehand knows the start and end date of the assignment. Once this time is completed, the employee must search for some new employer.
  2. Temporary-to-permanent (temp-to-perm): In this category, the employees contract gets shifted from temporary to permanent depending on their performance. This is one of the main reason Lots of people take staffing agency jobs. Temp-to-perm jobs are a way to check the ability of the employee to work on a regular full-time basis.
  3. Permanent (direct hire): When the staffing agencies acts as a mediator and a recruiter by following the process of screening and shortlisting. Employees are then hired directly by the employer.

Capital condition: Delhi being the capital of our country, it faces many issues of qualified graduates not finding an appropriate job for their educational status. As a survey conducted by Center for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), Delhi has an unemployment rate of 3.3%. To improve this situation, the unemployed graduates when they get in touch with these staffing companies get advantageous by acquiring a job. Many staffing company available these days that provides Manpower Solutions Delhi, providing reliable services like Head Hunting, Manpower Recruitment and Executive search. This was started in 2001 and they cater in industries like Supply chain and Integrated logistics, Freight and Shipping, Travel and Tourism, Retail, Media and E-Commerce.

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